Benefits provided by our wheels.

We have had the opportunity to observe the use of the bouncer with a baby between one and fifteen months in his daily routine. Initially the handicaps we found with the bouncer without wheels were the following:

  • Moving the bouncer with the weight of the baby from one location to another within the house by dragging it along the floor.
  • Take the bouncer on one side and carry it to the desired area of the house and then carry the baby.
  • Carry the baby with one arm (this is possible when they are small and have little weight) and with the arm that is free to carry the bouncer.
  • The baby often falls asleep in the bouncer and when it is time to move it to a more comfortable area to preserve its sleep, we find it difficult to wake up dragging it or having to take it from the same bouncer.

The wheels we have created have solved this kind of problem making the bouncer more ergonomic for the caregivers who take care of the babies.

We are talking about caregivers in general, since nowadays the care of our children is mostly in the hands of grandparents, nursery schools, uncles…, and even in parents who have just had a cesarean section, have obesity or some parents or relatives who are in wheelchairs.

Below, we specify the carers who can most benefit from this innovative accessory:

  • Grandparents: most of them, due to their advanced age, have less strength, often present back pain, lumbar injuries, osteoarthritis, arthritis…
  • Mothers with Cesarean section and episiotomy: many of the new breasts suffer for a while from the after-effects of childbirth. The recommendation is that they carry little weight and bend as little as possible.
  • Overweight caregivers: they are candidates because they are very tired when they have to bend over, carry weight or perform any resistance or strength.
  • Parents or relatives with reduced mobility: we must take into account that there are parents or relatives who, due to accidents, pathologies or illnesses, are in a wheelchair and would love to be part of the care of the new family member.

The bouncer is an accessory for the positioning of the baby that is very close to the ground and usually falls in favor of gravity with the weight of the baby. When we bend down to pick it up, the flexion that most people do, is not done correctly, as we tend to flex only the lumbar area with the lower limbs extended by pulling the lumbar and elongating the arm. The right thing to do would be to bend the knees and the lumbar area to achieve a position in the lower limbs of 90º and to have a point of support in these without putting so much effort into the lumbar area.

The telescopic pole solves this problem since, by lengthening the arm a little, we pull the handle until it reaches the height of our waist to exercise only the force of the push, which thanks to our wheels that we have incorporated into the chassis of the bouncer, slides without creating resistance.

The fact that the pole is telescopic makes the range of possibilities to manipulate the bouncer from other situations of the caregivers easier and more practical, reducing the transfers of these to handle it in daily life tasks eg the sofa, bed, chair. In this way you can raise the stick as far as it is comfortable to make small dragging movements, favouring the relaxation of the baby from the sofa, bed or other places where the caregivers usually meet throughout the day.