The accessory that will change the vision you have of baby hammocks

Important: At this time it is only available for BabyBjorn brand Bliss and Balance hammocks

Ride&Go Baby, An accessory that improves a baby hammock´s ergonomics will soon be released. It solves carrying, dragging and pushing problems with a simple gesture, making it possible to slide the hammock with little physical effort and psychological distress, as it allows us to keep our baby in sight at all times.

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“Watching your baby grow, enjoying every moment, is a unique and special gift”

At Ride&Go Baby  we understand motherhood as a unique and wonderful stage of life, an unparalleled experience full of fears and responsibilities.

Currently, teleworking has become a necessity and therefore we spend more time at home. In addition, housekeeping tasks occupy most of our free time. However, this complex situation also gives us the opportunity to become more actively involved in childcare.

The Ride&Go Baby system takes care of the needs that may arise at home, allowing us to move our baby around the house in an optimal, sitting position. A safe and comfortable transportation that requires little physical effort and psychological burden.

People with reduced mobility or those who use wheelchairs are often unable to involve themselves in the care of the new member of the family due to their circumstances.
Our accessory is an invaluable aid for these people as it grants them easy access to the hammock’s transportation, creating a pleasant and gratifying situation for both the baby and the person in this condition.

The Ride & Go Baby system is easily adapted to most wheelchair chassis on the market, being very useful for this group that, if it were not for our product, would be completely unable to participate in the care of the baby.

In some cases, from a young age, such a great bond is created between the hammock and the child that, when the child grows up and begins to take their first steps, they do not leave it aside. Instead, they use the hammock as a toy or a cart in which they transport babies in a symbolic game or simply put toys or anything they want to carry from one place to another, through adaptations that their parents have created.

We extend the life of the hammock by making it more than just a static element. With our accessory your child will grow together with it.