Let’s talk about the role that parents play in stimulating. It is really something that is done on a daily basis with the children.

Everything the child perceives through his or her senses is considered stimulation. Stimulation is the necessary element to achieve a psychomotor activity that allows the nervous system to be organised and developed.

Playing is always spontaneous and is determined by the child’s interests.

It includes the repetition of situations that are pleasant for him, such as the elaboration of the unpleasant ones and that are part of an inner world.

This begins to form from bodily sensations, which from birth are mixed with those that come from the relationship with his mother.

This is why body contact is important, as it will lead the child to know itself and then create the desire to know the environment around it.

 The game allows the child to move to the outside, fears, anxieties and other internal situations, dominating them through action.

We use playing activity as an instrument to stimulate the child because we consider it fundamental for the development of the structure of knowledge.

With regard to the evolution of the game, we must remember that during the first year of life the child’s interest is focused on food, pleasures and demands derived from the oral area: sucking, licking, biting, kissing and exploring objects with the mouth; at the months the hands are really ready to play and enrich it.

Between 12 and 18 months he walks on his own and everything is exploration, we must begin to exercise his attention and try to maintain it to develop it.

He imitates household tasks, his whole world is activity. Between 18 and 24 months he begins to play symbolically, he is only attracted by simple toys because they facilitate the projection of fantasies; at this age he begins to recreate images through drawings.

From the age of two onwards she is interested in books, notebooks and pencils and can dramatize situations.

Let us not forget that the child who plays investigates: this is a need that we must respect. There are not many toys that he needs, nor space, but it is important to provide him with his own environment in which he feels he is the master.